Future Journey to vietnam

CORE Viet Nam is planning a return to Viet Nam trip in March 2017.
If you are interested in this opportunity please contact John Fisher.
John is a Viet Nam veteran serving with the 4th Infantry Division 1968-69 (II Corps)

John Wesley Fisher
CORE Viet Nam (Community Reconciliation)

Return to vietnam

In the fall of 2014, Warriors’ Journey Home sponsored their second trip of Healing and Reconciliation to Vietnam. Thirteen participants from WJH traveled for two weeks through areas where they once served.

Their journey began in Tallmadge, for most, and then took them to Da Nang, through Hue and on to Saigon and the Delta. From the north to the south through the country were they once served. Along the way, they visited their former AO’s. Sacred ceremony was held at each stop along the journey to remember those traveling with the group and those who did not return.

The travelers meet with former foes and the people who live their today. They exchanged stories and and came to better understand the people and the country.

After their travels, they returned to Tallmadge to a much deserved welcome from the community that came out to say - Welcome Home.

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Journey to vietnam

In 2010 members of Warriors’ Journey Home visited the Kim Dong Primary School in Vietnam. Supplies were collected by students at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent OH. When the story and effect of that delivery reached the students, they became even more inspired. Through their Project Vietnam money was raised to construct a library at the school.

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