Community is essential to the process. Together we can heal.
In 2010 members of Warriors’ Journey Home visited the Kim Dong Primary School in Vietnam. Supplies were collected by students at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent OH. When the story and effect of that delivery reached the students, they became even more inspired. Through their Project Vietnam money was raised to construct a library at the school.

Kent Ohio’s Theodore Roosevelt’s “Project Vietnam” helped to change the world for the students and teachers at Kim Dong Primary School in Vietnam. The school is located in a rural area of the province, funding for a library was not something that was feasible. Those that participated in the project were truly ambassadors for their school and the City of Kent. Their hard work demonstrated one way that the power of community can be put to use. Click here for more on this journey.

In the fall of 2014, Warriors’ Journey Home sponsored their second trip of Healing and Reconciliation to Vietnam. Thirteen participants from WJH traveled for two weeks through areas where they once served.
Click here for more on this journey.

“Stronghearts” are another example of community in our circles.
These are the mothers, the husbands, the children and the the friends and supporters.
Those who wait, also serve.

The Circle is strengthened by the honest exchange of truth and experience between veterans of different ages, different eras, different wars and the Stronghearts


Regional inter-service Family Assistance Center. Their primary concern is that no military service member or family is left behind, they have come together to form a statewide “safety net” for them. The purpose of the program is to connect military families with volunteer service(s) within their community, government and faith based organizations to help ease their families burden.